We currently offer mobile apps mainly for Android devices.

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The Team


Lead programmer

Antoine Geslin


Our projects

Today in History

Today in History is a calendar that lets you discover events, births and deaths that happened today in History. Each day you can discover a non-exhaustive selection of events and a short description. You can share the events with friends and on the android application you can attribute stars to your favorites events. The events are provided by french sources and are translated to english by google.

200k+ users

4.7 / 5

Download Today in History Follow our twitter (french only) Web app (french only)

Castle Maze / Kid Maze

Castle Maze is an android 3D maze game. The goal of the game is to find treasures hidden in dark labyrinths, avoiding traps and resolving puzzles. Kid Maze is the young public version. These two games are built on a home made 3D engine based on the Libgdx framework. Many worlds and labyrinths are waiting for you!

5k+ users

4.2 / 5

Download Castle Maze Download Kid Maze

The Path

The Path is a puzzle game in which you have to arrange oriented tiles to build the correct path. Dozens of levels of increasing difficulty will give you a hard time!

1k+ users

3.5 / 5

Download The Path


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